Personal projects from recent times. Digital collage, painting, photography and illustration are just some of the ways I've been able to explore my curiosities. 

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2017 - 2018

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DANCe & performance

I am just as curious about the gaps between the bodies as I am to the souls that inhabit them - I've been lucky enough to witness and capture a lot of incredible body based work. Whether it's for archive or creative, I'm always looking for something new to put into the frame. Thank you for letting me get so close.

Artist credits in order of appearance left to right

Anne-Flore de Rochambeau in Fadeout at dance: made in canada/fait au canada (2017), Sydney Runions & Kaiya Lee of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (2017), Christianne Ullmark & Pulga Cesar Muchochoma of Toronto Dance Theatre : TDT House of Dreams by Alicia Grant (2017), Erin Poole (2015), Lauren Cook & Caitlin Amodeo of Alias Dance Project (2016), Amanda Acorn in Multiform (2016), Nigel Edwards (2016), Jasmyn Fyffe & Emmanuelle LePhan (2016), Sydney McManus (2017), Natasha Poon Woo (2017), David Norsworthy (2017), Cast of Crépuscule by Chartier Danse at dance: made in canada/fait au canada (2017), Emily Law (2016), Ishan Davé in Leisure Palace by Amanda Acron at In/Future (2016), Jarrett Siddall, Peter Kelly, & Danah Rosales of Toronto Dance Theatre in Mercury Dust by Emily Law (2017), Dana Michel in Yellow Towel at Dancemakers Mini Fest (2017), Ellen Furey in Performing Performance at Summerworks (2016), Sahara Morimoto, Michael Caldwell, Jolyane Langlois, Tia Kushniruk in Natural Orders by Antony Hamilton at Dancemakers Mini Fest (2017), Anisa Tejpar in in time by Human Body Expression (2017), Maddy Wright, Tori Mehaffey, Salvatore Bonilla, and Kelly Shaw in Exterminating Angel by Alysa Pires Dance Projects (2017), David Norsworthy and Stephanie Tremblay (2017), Tessa Kuz (2017), Jasmyn Fyffe in what do you see? at Summerworks (2017), Natasha Poon Woo & Drew Berry in rehearsal for Dolphin by Rock Bottom Movement (2017)


What & who catches my eye - I'm inspired by people and their stories. Grateful for those I've connected with and the spaces we've shared.

Artist credits in order of appearance left to right

Sydney McManus (2017), Nigel Edwards & Catherine Turcotte (2017), Justin de Luna (2016), Jasmyn Fyffe (2016), Nigel Edwards (2016), Clarke Blair (2016), Justin de Luna (2017), Amanda Davis (2016), Omar David Rivero / Driftnote (2017), Amanda Davis (2015), Omar David Rivero / Driftnote (2017), Francesca Chdunoff (2016), Lukas Malkowski & Naishi Wang (2017), Celine Richard-Robichon (2016), Erin Poole (2015), Eva Connelly - Miller (2017), Jasmyn Fyffe (2017), Mary - Dora Bloch - Hansen (2017)